122 Inspiring Shooters

122_inspiring_coverHere is an excuse for a little pride for our whole team.  The most popular magazine in the Australasia – Scuba Diver Ocean Planet gave an appreciation of the achievements of our photographer Viktor Lyagushkin. He became a part of the 122 Inspiring Shooters feature in the 2015 Through The Lens Special Edition. In the edition Viktor was accompanies with Hans Hass, Todd Essik, David Doubilet and Bruce Mozert.

Online edition can  be downloaded here



Green Slime Threatens Baikal

Green Slime Invades World's Deepest LakeProblems of Lake Baikal are not just concern of Russia, it is an issue of all mankind. Baikal is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, and today its unique ecosystem is at risk. The article at the National Geographic site, illustrated with photos by Viktor Lyagushkin, is devoted to the problems of the lake.

Baikal piece at the NG site


Aliens in Baikal Lake

Чужие на БайкалеMy piece in National Geographic (Россия) Magazine (Nov 2015) dedicated to ecological situation in Baikal Lake.

In the autumn of 2013 near the town of Severobaikalsk storms washed ashore about a half thousand tons of tangled thread-like algae; the green mass laid rotting on the shore and spreading an unpleasant smell. Accumulations of stinking slime appeared near other settlements around Baikal. Local people were worried. Then jittery news began to appear, that the Spirogyra – so the name of alien had been heard for the very first time – kills Baikal.

In 2015 Baikal Limnological Institute announced the situation was caused by anthropological influence and urgent measures are needed.

The Lake is on the edge of ecological catastrophe. We did media coverage of the development of the situation; the results are published in the different magazines and documentary at My Planet Channel. Are Russian authorities going to change the situation? We have a hope that pressure of public (both Russian and International) opinion would have influence. The PHOTOTEAM.PRO is going to come back and complete the reportage about threat of death of the biggest fresh water reservoir of our planet and its unique biological ecosystem.

UPD: The article online is here

Tobias Enge Shipwreck

Baltic sea shipwreckViktor’s photography from the inhospitable Baltic sea in the Secret Spot section in Scuba Diving Magazine #5/2015. Russian Navy galliot Tobias Enge shipwreck, which crashed near Gogland Island on a stormy night 1771. Researchers believe the ship went down after a failed attempt to round the cape of the island, leaving no survivors of the 45-person crew.

Vad Lake in Scuba Diving

Vad LakeMysterious Vad lake on pages of Scuba Diving Magazine #March/April 2015.

The lake  is located at Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia.

The name “Vad” comes from Mordovian language and means “water”. The Vad Lake is located on the way of the Vadok river, that goes underground just before the lake.  The river goes some distance underground, and then finds its way to the surface, creating a grotto at the lake’s bottom. In winter, the water does not freeze over the sinkhole. Pressure of underground water is so strong that it creates a convex lens above the surface of the lake.

Our Dolphin iBook is published!

Cover_Eng_sYippee! We did it! iBook “100 FACTS ABOUT DOLPHINS” is ready and available for your iPad or Mac!!

Title “100 Facts About Dolphins”
Book type: iBook, PDF (only Russian)
Language: English, Russian
Print Length: 122 pages





Book Description: “100 Facts about Dolphins” is a book dedicated to the most famous dolphin of our planet: bottle-nosed dolphin. Are they smart? Are they kind? Are they really give names to each other? How do they give birth and grow their cubs? How do they master to live in water? How do they hunt, what do they eat?
There are more then 100 the best dolphin photographs and more than 100 the most interesting facts about them.
The Book consists of 5 chapters:
1. “Genesis” tells about the hero of the book and its evolution – where, when and how it comes from.
2. “Dolphin Advanced” is a chapter about adaptation to life in water: how do dolphins dive and swim; how do they breathe, and a lot of other wonderful details;
3. “Love and Routine” is about its sexual behavior, features of breeding and growing cubs;
4. “Community & Communication” is a chapter about role of sound in the life of dolphins, their social behavior and hierarchy in the pod, about most important thing in the animals’ life – hunting.
5. “Theory of Mind” is dedicated to issues of dolphin’s mind and intelligence.


Dolphin Encyclopedia

afalinaDear Reader,

We have to admit that we have grown to like dolphins so much that we cannot say goodbye to them. If you also have this feeling and would like to see the continuation of our dolphin project, then we invite you to do this with us.

The next step after the printed book “Being a Dolphin” (in Russian) and the iBook “100 Facts about Dolphins” will be the large interactive “Dolphin Encyclopedia”, with video, sounds, new interesting details and facts, and of course new photographs. And you, dear reader, can help us with this.

If you like this book and you would like to thank the authors with a comment or a small financial contribution, and also support our encyclopedia, you can do this here on our website.

Every little bit helps the “Dolphin Encyclopedia”!