“On The Edge” Documentary

Do you know, what had happened to Natalie that she became Princess of Whales?

Natalie Avseenko
Victor Lyagushkin
Ivan Kronberg,
belugas Nilma and Matryona.

The story takes place on the White Sea at the “Polar Circle” dive center (Polar Circle, Kolsky peninsula, Russia) and at DiveXpert diving center (Lazurny quarry, Urals, Russia)
Please, do not think that the documentary just chronicling our adventure at White Sea. This is a movie about dream. A child dream which comes true through courage, determination and honest attitude.

If water temperature is minus 2 centigrade irreversible processes in the human body start in 5 minutes and in 8 minutes a person is dead. But majority dies even at third minute. And the main reason is panic. Our heroine dived in this water completely naked; that the experiment was as pure as possible; she placed herself in conditions of total vulnerability to the nature and social environment.
On the Edge” Documentary trailer

On the Edge Documentary Backstage is here

The team deeply apologises for the documentary is not available on-line. According to the copyright it is forbidden. Thank you for your patience.

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