Orda Cave Awareness ProjectOrda Cave Awareness Project
The project is dedicated to Orda Cave – the most extended underwater cave in Russia, the second in Eurasia, with regards to length, and the world’s greatest underwater gypsum cave.
2Princess of Whales
Natalie Avseenko, twice world champion in freediving and yoga expert, dived naked with white whales in the freezing waters of the White Sea.
Ural cavesUral Caves
In process…
Blue Lake Awareness ProjectBlue Lake Awareness Project
Blue Lake or Chirek-Kyol (Kabardino-Balkaria, the Caucasian mountains, Russia) is considered to be the deepest karst lake source in the world and shares first place with the Red Lake (Crveno Yezero, Croatia) as the deepest karst lake.
Swans UnderwaterSwans Underwater
Why do swans have long necks? They cannot dive as ducks do, but they use their long necks to reach deep-water weeds.
Secrets of ShipwrecksSecrets of Shipwrecks
For 10 years, the team of divers and scientists has found and identified hundreds of shipwrecks lying on the bottom of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea, the river of Neva, and the lake of Ladoga. At the moment, they have more than a thousand objects on the list. Each of them has its own unique story.
7Lady of Orda Cave
There is a legend about the Lady of Orda Cave. She is a threatening and beautiful spirit, as charming as her cave.
Natalie Avseenko: I will be inside a world-famous cave holding my breath and acting as a Spirit of the Cave. I’ll have a chance to become Alice in Wonderland…
Spherical PanoramasSpherical Panoramas
The very first underwater cave spherical panorama in the world. Orda Cave. Main passage. The very first world’s under-ice spherical panorama. Sylvinite mine spherical panorama and others.
afalinaBeing a Dolphin
Project dedicated to the Black Sea bottlenose dolphin, an endemic subspecies of the common bottlenose dolphin. It is enlisted in the World Red Book (IUCN) in the category “Endangered.”
These carpet patterns on the walls are not manmade; they are created by nature. These are Sylvinite mines in the town of Berezniki. It is a huge underground labyrinth located at a depth of -400m. The Sylvinite ore, which is excavated here, is used for the production of potassium fertilizers.
The fact that all the plants desperately need potassium, which can save entire countries from crop failure and famine, became known only in the second half of the twentieth century.

A project with two-time freediving champion and world record holder Natalie Avseenko, in which a person flies like a bird under ice.
Until The Ice Melts
Until The Ice Melts

The climate of our planet changes. The biggest impact is in the Arctic region. According to gloomy scientific prognostications, the Arctic ice shield will disappear absolutely by the end of the century.
The White Sea, as the most Southern of all Arctic seas and the only totally freezing European sea, gets the shortest end of the stick. The unique biodiversity is under threat right now.
Optimistic Cave
Optimistic Cave

Optimistic Cave is Eurasia’s longest cave and the world’s longest gypsum cave.