Crossing Path’s with the Kremlin

Russian Reporter Frigate Oleg StoryCrossing Path’s with the Kremlin

is the title of our story for the Russian Reporter, one of the best Russian magazines.

The story of  frigate Oleg, the flagship of the Emperor Alexander II. It sank in 1869 and lies on an even keel at a depth of 60 meters. It had happened during a training exercise. Frigate came into collision with the armorclad Kremlin and its death was very quick – just 15 minutes, but this is the reason why all the weapons and the interior have been kept intact. The shipwreck is considered to be a historical object of a special value and any dives on it are forbidden.

At 15th of July 2013 the President of Russia V. Putin has dived in a submarine to see frigate Oleg. Probably, it was the second time when its paths were crossed with the Kremlin.

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