Viktor Lyagushkin & Seventeen Strobes

October 4, Moscow hosted the presentation of the sixth issue of Yevgeny Feldman’s slick magazine  Svoy, which was completely dedicated to Viktor Lyagushkin’s art. Photos and stories “from caves and seas” on the pages of the new issue, and even more remarkable stories by Viktor during the presentation captivated the audience.

Photos from the presentation by Tatyana Mordvinova.

Tobias Enge Shipwreck

Baltic sea shipwreckViktor’s photography from the inhospitable Baltic sea in the Secret Spot section in Scuba Diving Magazine #5/2015. Russian Navy galliot Tobias Enge shipwreck, which crashed near Gogland Island on a stormy night 1771. Researchers believe the ship went down after a failed attempt to round the cape of the island, leaving no survivors of the 45-person crew.

Motorboat and Yachting Magazine #5 2013

MBYThe Baltic Secrets of Shipwrecks Project has been featured on pages of very respected Russian magazine Motorboat and Yachting #5(23) September 2013.

Underwater treasures of the Baltic sea: archaeological findings and detective stories hidden under the water and the time.

Photography by Viktor Lyagushkin, text by Bogdana Vashchenko.

Underwater America in National Geographic

Underwater archeologyUnderwater America is a title of the piece on underwater archaeology by Alexander Grek, Editor-In-Chief of National Geographic Russia, illustrated with marvelous photography by Viktor Lyagushkin.

The story of shipwrecks and heroic work of UW archaeologists, historical lines and ancient trade ways in National Geographic Russia September 2013 here.


Crossing Path’s with the Kremlin

Russian Reporter Frigate Oleg StoryCrossing Path’s with the Kremlin

is the title of our story for the Russian Reporter, one of the best Russian magazines.

The story of  frigate Oleg, the flagship of the Emperor Alexander II. It sank in 1869 and lies on an even keel at a depth of 60 meters. It had happened during a training exercise. Frigate came into collision with the armorclad Kremlin and its death was very quick – just 15 minutes, but this is the reason why all the weapons and the interior have been kept intact. The shipwreck is considered to be a historical object of a special value and any dives on it are forbidden.

At 15th of July 2013 the President of Russia V. Putin has dived in a submarine to see frigate Oleg. Probably, it was the second time when its paths were crossed with the Kremlin.

Russian America

Russian AmericaBig story of the Russian Navy transport ship “America” in brilliant magazine Asian Diver #1/Vol 124 .

The story about famous ship and UW archaeologists work on finding and identifying of shipwrecks.

Early on a sunny morning of August 6, captain Andrey Sinitsyn commanded to cast off a 53-tonne diving boat 311 heading for the western-most point of Russia in the Gulf of Finland – the island of Hogland. So the 71st underwater archaeological expedition of the project Secrets of Shipwrecks started.
This time, the main task was to search for the remains of America. Nowadays, only the lonely graves in an abandoned island cemetery remind us of her death.