Lady of Orda Cave

December 11-17. We continue our Orda Cave Awareness Project. The idea was born long time ago and now we are ready to fulfill it.
There is a legend about a Lady of Orda Cave. She is a beautiful spirit, as charming as her cave. We wish her grace, her ethereal presence will be with Natalia Avseenko in the new art-project.

As Natalia says:

“Freediving in Orda Cave, Perm…A unique art-project in collaboration with Andrey Gorbunov and his “Orda Cave” diving centre. I will be inside a world-famous cave holding my breath and acting as a Spirit of the Cave. It’s going to be cold and dark there (outside up to -30 C, the water temperature +5C)… There will be the narrow passages where I’ll have to squeeze through wearing beautiful dresses. There will be incredible halls filled with water ;)… I’ll face the challenges of the narrow and closed spaces, I’ll experience uncertainty all the time… I’ll have a chance to become Alice in wonderland… We will see what is going to happen. Nobody in the world has ever tried to do that. A professional team of cavedivers and cavediving instructors are going to assist and implement all the safety logistics. They are going to teach me how to act inside a cave… It’s going to be something very special. They are real professional, so, I feel safe at the moment. I’m sure when I’m underground I’ll face my hidden fears. And this is the challenge to face and overcome them ;)! At the end of the project there will be Vitya’s photographs and a documentary, made by Russia Today TV Channel. So, our team is announcing a new project “A Lady of Orda Cave”…

P.S. We succeeded to complete the project successfully. To see the result, just click here:

The Shot (Lady of Orda Cave)

The documentary by Russia Today Channel “Mistress of the Orda Cave”

Another stunning photos from The Lady of Orda Cave Project by Viktor Lyagushkin

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