The Shot (Lady of Orda Cave)

Lady of Orda Cave

photographer: Viktor Lyagushkin
model: Natalie Avseenko

We are happy to tell you, that we successfully came back. We  have overcome. It was really demanding, the weather was very cold – about -40C on the surface, -23C inside the cave, and water was as usual +5C. Cold became the main issue. And it was much more challenging for Natalie: she dives in a wet suit and feels cold more sharp than we, the scuba divers. Under these conditions she should work on a breath hold and stay relaxed. We were convinced that she fulfilled her mission only due to her highest level of self control and professionalism.
And the picture was really breath-taking: even Natalie’s face changed, her smooth movements did not remind human being: she transformed to Lady of Orda Cave.
During first three days Natalie studied the cave and tried to absorb the experience of cave divers and combine it with her own free diving stress management and techniques.
After that photo shooting started.But this is a very long story, it will be written later.

We are grateful to Andrey Gorbunov and his Underwater Speleology Center of Orda Cave for hearty reception, accurate  maintenance and help. It was really valuable.

We very appreciate your help and contribution, our dear friends, those who found time and possibility to come over and assist under water:
Vladimir Fyodorov,
Sergey Baykov,
Maxim Kozionov,
Pavel Kovalyov

The documentary by Russia Today Channel “Mistress of the Orda Cave”

Let our photos tell more about our mission:

The Lady of Orda Cave Хозяйка Орды from Kiril Ivanov on Vimeo.