#Seagull Project is Announced!

#Seagull is a project of freedom, finding oneself, about life after death and love conquering death.
Princess of Whales

Freedom, love and flight – it’s hard to say how they are related, but somehow the simple words excite all the people of our planet. They make us dream, make our hearts run faster, this is something that is worth living.

Our project is named #Seagull. Seagull is not just a bird, it is a symbol of struggle, symbol of soul, connection between the worlds, a personification of grief and happiness. It is Jonathan Livingston Seagull flying from the parable by Richard Bach; it is the Stormy Petrel by Maxim Gorky. It is a story of difficult obstacles, intractable obstacles, the will, desire, and feelings of a person who wins what cannot be beat.

Seagull is a way by which we will try to tell about the most important and highest in human life, that gives it meaning.

Who Are We?

We are the PHOTOTEAM.PRO, the core of which consists of twice world champion and record holder in freediving Natalie Avseenko, National Geographic (Russia) Photographer, Nikon Ambassador Viktor Lyagushkin (photo and video), cameraman Kirill Ivanov (video), writer Bogdana Vashchenko (articles and stories).

What Exactly Are We Going To Do?

Since the topic of the project is very complex, we decided to show it from different sides by the eyes of different people, different means of expression, to make it alive and extensional. It will be:

  • Picture Story (photos we will publish in the Web and create a photo exhibition, which will travel around the world);
  • short feature film (will be available free online);
  • documentary about the project (will be available free online);
  • series of articles and stories (in magazines and available on the network).

The main act of the project takes place under water, and more than that – under the ice. The Seagull will be impersonated by Natalie Avseenko.

Viktor Lyagushkin and Kirill Ivanov skills will turn the underwater realm of cold and darkness into a different world, a strange and attractive, and Natalie will show how a person can be free where you can not even breathe, how to take wings, if the sky and the earth are reversed.

When and Where?

Filming will take place on the Lazurny Quarry near Yekaterinburg from 19 to 28 March 2016. This is a truly unique place – flooded quarry with clear water and visibility of about 60 meters, where green birches and pine trees stand still at the bottom. Ice on the surface of the water body will become the sky under which the Seagull has to learn how to fly.

"Gods Are Looking At Us From The Sky" at Lazurny quarry

What Do We Want?

We ask for your support. We have in mind not only material assistance, which will allow us to carry out this slightly mad (as everything we do) project, but also about your mental support. All photos, news from the field, all the stories and news of the project, we will denote with the hashtag #Seagull (old one was #Seagull_Flight), so you can keep track of how the story will unfold. But since this is an open project, we are looking forward to your thoughts and your vision – what flight and freedom mean for you? Mark your photo or post with the hashtag and we will hear you.