SUBAL Is Sponsoring the #Seagull Project

LYG_1700UW video for the #Seagull_Flight project we will shoot with Nikon D750 camera, the newest housing for which is sponsored us by the SUBAL company.
PHOTOTEAM.PRO has a long friendship with the company: we work together since 2011, and since then all my underwater pictures you have seen, were made in SUBAL housings.
This is the best thing on the market of equipment for underwater photographers; a SUBAL housing is not just reliable, it is able to withstand the toughest conditions, it is very convenient for shooting in both warm and cold water, when there are thick gloves on photographer’s hands; it is made with the highest quality and thought out to the smallest detail.
SUBAL is bright minds of young engineers and precise hands of experienced Austrian craftsmen. SUBAL is made in the heart of Europe.

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