Swan Princess in N-Photo Magazine

NPhoto #20 (06/13)N-Photo Magazine  #20 (6/2013)


People cannot fly, but underwater they may feel weightless. That is why the director of a movie based on a popular Russian fairy tale decided to film a scene of a fight between the Swan Princess and Wicked Wizard-Kite underwater.
I had been invited as a backstage underwater photographer and found the Swan Princess was more than charming. I couldn’t use any lights as these would spoil the scene, but the studio light board was more than enough to create a beautiful backlight underwater, and the chromakey backing formed a nicely textured backdrop.”

Nikon D3S, Nikon AF 16mm f/2.8 D Fisheye, 1/400 sec, f/4, ISO800, Subal housing

photo by Viktor Lyagushkin

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