Being a Dolphin

To Be a Dolphin
Popular scientific book “Being a Dolphin”
160 pages, format 215mm on 275mm, full-color, glossy paper, hardcover. Language: Russian. Text and photos are about 40 to 60 percents respectively.


The book is dedicated to the Black Sea bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus Ponticus). The articles are written in collaboration with leading domestic and foreign experts on the study of cetaceans; there is a grain of experience of people who have dedicated their lives to working with these animals and care for them. To this we have added some feature stories based on real life of some wonderful dolphins.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of unique, never previously published photographs taken in oceanariums and in the open sea. Shooting was performed in the Black and Red Seas. The publication is addressed to enthusiasts in biology and nature of their native land, and to a wide range of readers.

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