Viktor Lyagushkin & Seventeen Strobes

October 4, Moscow hosted the presentation of the sixth issue of Yevgeny Feldman’s slick magazine  Svoy, which was completely dedicated to Viktor Lyagushkin’s art. Photos and stories “from caves and seas” on the pages of the new issue, and even more remarkable stories by Viktor during the presentation captivated the audience.

Photos from the presentation by Tatyana Mordvinova.

Why swans have long necks…

Daily SwanThese eye-popping underwater pictures of swans stretching for their food show just why swans have such beautifully long necks.

By putting their long necks to good use by ducking underwater and reaching for food at the bottom of a lake these mute swans are showing not just their looks – but also how well adapted they are.

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Victor’s Swans in Nat Geo

swan feedingDuring the Blue Lake Awareness Project we made a unique series of underwater photos with swans. It turns that nobody before us did this. Our photos became more and more popular in the world, and one of ‘swan photos’ entered Final in BBC’s Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition in category ‘Birds’.

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