The World’s First Ever Under Ice Spherical Panorama

Beneath the ice of White SeaThe World’s First Ever Under Ice Spherical Panorama had been created by beneath the ice of the White sea.

In Norse mythology, the White Sea is known as the Bay of Serpents. The climate there is so severe that there are no snakes at all, it is called so because of the curved shoreline. The White Sea is an inland sea in the north of the European part of Russia belonging to the Arctic Ocean.

Modern name of the sea is White, because it is covered with the ice and snow shield during the bigger part of the year; it is the only sea found frozen in the Europe. Water salinity is very high: about 26 ppt (parts per thousand), so it freezes at the water temperature of -2C. Continue reading

Ice Cave Spherical Panorama

Mariinskaya caveMariinskaya cave. Urals, Russia

The team of speleologists descended the cave to monitor the state of the glacier.

The cave is covered with ice all year round. Relict cave glacier records climate changes, keeping centuries in its memory. Also bones of cave bear had been found in the cave.

Camera Nikon D3x, 12 strobes Nissin Di866. radio controls Flama.
Speleologists: Igor lavrov, Bogdana Vashchenko, Alexander Chemodanov, Natalia Chemodanova, Eugenia Suzdaleva, Nikolay Ushakov.

Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin
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Underwater Cave Spherical Panorama

DSCF4986Orda Cave is our first joint project with AirPano team.  In 2010 we spent 6 months in the cave shooting its amazing galleries, working on Orda Cave Awareness Project.  And spherical panorama of the Cave became the next logical step for AirPano team and us.

We are happy to show you The very first world’s spherical underwater cave panorama:
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