Viktor Lyagushkin & Seventeen Strobes

October 4, Moscow hosted the presentation of the sixth issue of Yevgeny Feldman’s slick magazine  Svoy, which was completely dedicated to Viktor Lyagushkin’s art. Photos and stories “from caves and seas” on the pages of the new issue, and even more remarkable stories by Viktor during the presentation captivated the audience.

Photos from the presentation by Tatyana Mordvinova.

Chineese Photo Magazine About Photographer Viktor Lyagushkin

LYG_4178Just received by mail a material about the creativity of our permanent leader Viktor Lyagushkin in the Chinese photographic magazine. We did not remember its name and can not pronounce it, but we should note that the hieroglyphs are combining  surprisingly well with the gypsum fractures of the walls of the underwater Orda cave (Urals, Russia) the photo of which opens the article.

Feature includes interview with Viktor and his photographs of Orda Cave and Blue Lake (Russia).

Interview for Digital Photo (UK)

Viktor InterviewGreat interview with Viktor Lyagushkin for Digital Photo (UK).

We were glad to communicate with so professional journalists asking very important questions and answered with great pleasure.
And the result is an interview we are very proud of.

Almost all the emblematic photographs are there: Orda Cave and Blue Lake, and of course “Princess of Whales” with beluga whales and Natalie Avseenko.

We also took the opportunity to mention and thank our cponsors: Nikon, Subal and Ikelite companies.

Blue Lake Story in the Polish Diving Magazine

Blue Lake Project Good news for our followers from Poland: article about Blue Lake Project in the Diving Polish Magazine “Nurkowanie” #3 2013. Eight two-page spreads!

“Gdzieś na południu Rosji wznoszą się strome skały, a wysokie góry oślepiają bielą. Rozdzielają je ponure kaniony, którymi pędzą szalone rzeki. Kaniony musiały ustąpić pod naporem wody, więc rzeki stawały się coraz szersze i wypływały swobodnie, przecinając zielone łąki i lasy. Oto Kaukaz.”

Mild Radiancy of Stoneworts Algae

Mild Radiancy of StomewortsStoneworts — an ancient class that combines the attributes of algae and higher-order plants — serve as a source of food for waterfowl, especially during autumn migrations.
Wrapped in a weightless veil of cladophoraceae algae —
poetically named mermaid’s hair — stoneworts adorn this 260-meter-deep karst lake, their mild radiancy juxtaposed against the gloomy rock walls of the deep. When exposed to sunlight or strobes, stoneworts start to shed their own light. This phenomenon is known as photoluminescence, and lasts for only a fraction of a second.

HOW I GOT THE SHOT I used a Nikon D3s, 60mm, f/2.8, Subal housing, and two Ikelite DS160 substrobes mounted on the camera.

Where: Blue Lake, Kabardino-Balkaria, Caucasus, Russia
by Viktor Lyagushkin

Look Section, Scuba Diving Magazine (USA) March/April 2013