Chukotka On The Pages Of Asian Geographic Magazine

In the cover feature story Life On The Edge for Asian Geographic Magazine, I explored the modern way of life of the Indigenous people of Chukotka.  
I highlighted the connection of the Yupik and Chukchi people with nature and their humble and brave characters. The article can be found in issue #162, Green Edition of Asian Geographic. The amazing photographs are by Viktor Lyagushkin, and the text is by Bogdana Vashchenko.

Georgian Bats At The Tbilisi Zoo

While bats are still sleeping here in Georgia, On March 16th, I lectured at the Tbilisi Zoo Educational Center on Bats in the World and Georgia. Ioseb Natradze, an Assistant researcher at the Laboratory of Vertebrate Animals of the Institute of Zoology of the llia State University of Georgia, and I talked about how incredible these creatures are, their Super Skills, and their importance to ecosystems. 

The students were super interested in all sorts of things, like what bats eat, their social structure, how they give birth, and how they fly. We only left the Educational Center because the room was needed for the following class.

In our next discussion, we will focus on studying bats’ contribution to Tbilisi’s sound environment with the help of researchers from the Ilia State University. I want to thank Irma Bochorishvili for providing us with this fantastic opportunity.