Blue Lake Story is published in Diver Magazine (Canada)

Blue Lake Story“There’s a place in southern Russia where glistening white
mountains rise precipitously skyward. Wild rivers twist and turn through the deep canyons that separate them until they burst free, flowing into the meadows and forests that stretch east and west to the Black and Caspian seas. These are the Caucasus  Mountains, home to Blue Lake, a legendary place as beautiful as it is unforgiving”.

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Jinn’s Jar – NG Reportage on Blue Lake Story


National Geographic Russia Magazine has published a big article about Blue lake Awareness Project and added a photo with Victor and his photo equipment to the editor-in chief’s word to the reader:

Jinn’s Jar

Residents relate the story of a 115-year old man, a member of WWI’s legendary ‘Wild Division’ cavalry, who said the elders of his day called the lake ‘Jinn’s Jar’, referring to powerful, demon-like spirits said to live in vessels shaped like lamps or jars and also because the lake’s shape resembled an inverted jar or lamp with narrowing neck downwards to a lip at its bottom.

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Blue Lake Story in Asian Diver

blue lake tory in asian diverThe Secret of The Blue Lake

“The newest of technologies gave us an opportunity to measure the depth and define the origins of the lake. What we can say in the most simple of terms is that it is really very deep. Its depth is about 260 metres, making it the second deepest karst lake in the world. Its waters are crystal clear and constantly cold. The temperature of the water in the lake is a steady 9°C. What was also discovered is that there is a river coming out of the lake
and no spring coming in.
According to scientists, there is an underwater cave or caves in the lake where the water comes in from. But where the caves are located at exactly can only be imagined. The exploration of the lake by echo locators and robots was not successful – the information gathered was not good enough and data condition for the task assigned to these technologies was grossly insufficient.
Therefore, in a place where technology cannot function well enough, ironically, only Man will be able to do the task sans the aid of advanced machines. So as the story goes, only a human will now be able to do the primary inspection of the walls, take samples of the water at various extents, collect rock samples from certain depths and take important measurements deep under the water.
That man, who will take samples and make the necessary exploration, will also go deeper than any other diver has gone. This is Martin Robson.”