Photograph by Viktor in VIEW Magazine

LYG_4983Congratulations to Viktor Lyagushkin with publication in the VIEW Magazine. Editors featured one of his stunning photographs from the Third Element Project displaying bright weird pattern of the walls of the labyrinth of Sylvinite mine located at depth -400 m (Urals, Russia). Sylvinite was well known from the middle ages but its real value was discovered in 20th century. Potassium fertilisers produced of the sylvinite saved many countries of famine and crop failure.

The Most Important People in Our Magazine

NGR September 2013The piece by Editor-In-Chief in National Geographic Russia Alexander Grek is dedicated to photographers, the most important people of the Magazine, he said.

Our leader, photographer Viktor Lyagushkin is amongst them. Thank you, Alexander, for your warm words, we are proud to work with you and your Magazine. And hope our collaboration will be even more fruitful in the future.

Ice Cave Spherical Panorama

Mariinskaya caveMariinskaya cave. Urals, Russia

The team of speleologists descended the cave to monitor the state of the glacier.

The cave is covered with ice all year round. Relict cave glacier records climate changes, keeping centuries in its memory. Also bones of cave bear had been found in the cave.

Camera Nikon D3x, 12 strobes Nissin Di866. radio controls Flama.
Speleologists: Igor lavrov, Bogdana Vashchenko, Alexander Chemodanov, Natalia Chemodanova, Eugenia Suzdaleva, Nikolay Ushakov.

Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin
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