Asian Diver #130, 1/2014

Mysteries of the White sea on pages of my favorite magazine – Asian Diver #130, 1/2014. Alien water scapes, secrets of nature we had met underwater in the piece by Bogdana Vashchenko White Sea Watch.

Stunning photography by Viktor Lyagushkin


The World’s First Ever Under Ice Spherical Panorama

Beneath the ice of White SeaThe World’s First Ever Under Ice Spherical Panorama had been created by beneath the ice of the White sea.

In Norse mythology, the White Sea is known as the Bay of Serpents. The climate there is so severe that there are no snakes at all, it is called so because of the curved shoreline. The White Sea is an inland sea in the north of the European part of Russia belonging to the Arctic Ocean.

Modern name of the sea is White, because it is covered with the ice and snow shield during the bigger part of the year; it is the only sea found frozen in the Europe. Water salinity is very high: about 26 ppt (parts per thousand), so it freezes at the water temperature of -2C. Continue reading

Whale Petrovich in NG Nordic

White Whale PetrovichThe amazing photo of white whale Petrovich by our photographer Viktor Lyagushkin, which won the Best Edit Award from National Geographic Headquarters, was so attractive, that it turned attention of another National Geographic regional magazine – Nordic.

Please meet Whale Petrovich in NG Nordic!

White Rivers in White Sea

White Rivers in White Sea White Rivers in White Sea this is title of our publication in National Geographic Russia Magazine July 2013 about mystery phenomenon, which had been discovered by our team in April 2013 at Polar Circle.

Plunging under the ice of the bay Biofiltry on the White Sea, we found that the bay’s basin at 7 m deep seemed to be filled with smoke. At touch smooth interface between the transparent and whitish water heaved with swirls and its smooth contours restored only few hours later. “Smoke” had a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide.
Although hydrogen sulfide is used for medical purposes, such as hydrogen sulfide baths, the gas is very toxic. Even a small amount of hydrogen sulfide in the air inhaled causes dizziness, headache, nausea; and its significant concentration leads to coma, convulsions, pulmonary edema, and even death. For marine life hydrogen sulfide is as much as dangerous. Divers’ anxiety was clear, so they took samples of the water and turned to the scientists. The explanation was surprising and not simple.

Whale Petrovich

Whale PetrovichDuring our expedition to White sea, where we did a surprising discovery, Viktor made a shot of a 20 year old white whale named Petrovich. The beluga basked in the spring sunshine and was happy about spring coming.

The photo of whale Petrovich became popular; image with some info on white whales was published in National Geographic Russia Magazine (June 2013) and won the Best Edit Award from the National Geographic Headquarters! Congrats Viktor!

“On The Edge” Documentary

Do you know, what had happened to Natalie that she became Princess of Whales?

Natalie Avseenko
Victor Lyagushkin
Ivan Kronberg,
belugas Nilma and Matryona.

The story takes place on the White Sea at the “Polar Circle” dive center (Polar Circle, Kolsky peninsula, Russia) and at DiveXpert diving center (Lazurny quarry, Urals, Russia)
Please, do not think that the documentary just chronicling our adventure at White Sea. This is a movie about dream. A child dream which comes true through courage, determination and honest attitude. Continue reading