Calendar 2020 White Sea

For two years, our team PHOTOTEAM.PRO had been working in the White Sea, filming the life under the ice. We collected the best underwater shots by Viktor Lyagushkin in a vertical wall calendar.

Comb jellies and skeleton shrimps caprellas, starfish under the northern lights and a bunch of anemones, soft corals and sea angels, stalked jellyfish lucernaria and giant cyaneas – the wonders of the northern seas will be with you all next year!

Each copy has an individual number and is personally signed by the author.


Technical Details:
Language of publication: Russian and English
Publication format: 420x600 mm (A2, vertical)
Number of Pages: 14
Coated paper (200 gr)
Gloss Lamination
Color illustration
Spring binding
Age restrictions 0+
Price: 25euro plus shipment (about 17 - 20 euros, 
depends on the destination  country)
Limited edition!

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions or to place an order at


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