Until The Ice Melts

Climate of our planet changes. The most big impact is in Arctic region. According to gloomy scientific prognostications Arctic ice shield will melt totally for the very first time till summer of 2059 year, and will disappear absolutely till the end of the century.
White sea as the most Southern of all Arctic seas and the only totally freezing European sea get the shortest end of the stick. The unique biodiversity is under the threat right now.
What is new
Wide biodiversity and bizarre creatures of the Northern seas are well known, but all the photos of these small things show them in a black field – without any understanding where do they live.
We decided to change the point of view and came back from our spring 2018 expedition with photos which were completely new. We made pictures of the tiny animals in their natural environment – swimming and hunting under the ice among leaves of sea weed, communicating and fighting for the food, and so on. These are the very first photographs of that kind.
Nowadays climate change and environmental issues became a matter of our common concern. Arctic shield is melting due to extreme temperatures and within a decade the White Sea will lost its season ice. This will lead to endemic species extinction. Our task is making photos of these wonderful creatures in their environment while they are still there and turning public attention to the problem of climate change.

The world changes before our very eyes, the Arctic ice is melting, the climate is changing, species are disappearing. My goal is to show people this wonderful world under the ice so that humanity understands what we will lose in the near future if we do not turn our attention to this problem. – Viktor Lyagushkin

Within the project PHOTOTEAM.PRO did numerous publications, published White Sea Calendar 2020, held several exhibitions and gave serious of lectures on life of Arctic seas and climate change in Arctic. All the news can be found with tag #until the ice melts