Baikal Expedition

The TV channel “My Planet” took 10 documentaries about the top 10 Nikon photographers within the project “Russia through the Nikon lens”. One of them is a story of our National Geographic expedition to the Baikal Lake in June 2015.

We are very grateful to scientists from Baikal Limnology Institute Igor Khanayev and Professor Dmitry Shcherbakov, the Nikon company, and all persons who lend a helping hand.

And here’s the movie:

Lady of Orda Cave – Documentary

Lady of Orda Cave

Dear friends,
the documentary dedicated to our recent adventure to Orda Cave is ready! It is available at Russia Today Channel web site. Documentary anounce reads:

“Free diving champion Natalie Avseenko is seeking inner peace in the deep of the Orda Cave in Russia’s Perm Region. Join RT as we travel with her and an entourage of support divers, photographers, and journalists documenting her attempt to become the underwater legend known as the Mistress of the Orda Cave”.
The documentary by Russia Today Channel “Mistress of the Orda Cave”

“On The Edge” Documentary

Do you know, what had happened to Natalie that she became Princess of Whales?

Natalie Avseenko
Victor Lyagushkin
Ivan Kronberg,
belugas Nilma and Matryona.

The story takes place on the White Sea at the “Polar Circle” dive center (Polar Circle, Kolsky peninsula, Russia) and at DiveXpert diving center (Lazurny quarry, Urals, Russia)
Please, do not think that the documentary just chronicling our adventure at White Sea. This is a movie about dream. A child dream which comes true through courage, determination and honest attitude. Continue reading