Single Photo Museum

музей одной фотографии“Museum of one picture” is an exhibition which has started in the framework of the Festival of Contemporary Photography at Moscow Exhibition Center, pavilion №59 “Grain”. The exhibition  is represented by the only one photograph: the work by Viktor Lyagushkin “We are of one blood.”

This is a picture from the project “Princess of Whales”, on which the two-time champion and world record holder Natalie Avseenko swims with beluga whales under the ice of the White Sea.

On our photo to this post Natalie stands herself beside this remarkable photograph.

The underice UW artist will join the ‪#‎Seagull expedition

lotarevThe world’s only underice UW artist, Denis Lotarev Art will join the ‪#‎Seagull expedition. He is going to draw a picture of the Seagull (Natalie Avseenko) staying underwater during photo and video shooting.

This is a vivid illustration how people share ideas if they are really good. Do wish Denis to create a new vision and add one more dimension into the project.

#Seagull Project is Announced!

#Seagull is a project of freedom, finding oneself, about life after death and love conquering death.
Princess of Whales

Freedom, love and flight – it’s hard to say how they are related, but somehow the simple words excite all the people of our planet. They make us dream, make our hearts run faster, this is something that is worth living.

Our project is named #Seagull. Seagull is not just a bird, it is a symbol of struggle, symbol of soul, connection between the worlds, a personification of grief and happiness. It is Jonathan Livingston Seagull flying from the parable by Richard Bach; it is the Stormy Petrel by Maxim Gorky. It is a story of difficult obstacles, intractable obstacles, the will, desire, and feelings of a person who wins what cannot be beat. Continue reading

Interview for Digital Photo (UK)

Viktor InterviewGreat interview with Viktor Lyagushkin for Digital Photo (UK).

We were glad to communicate with so professional journalists asking very important questions and answered with great pleasure.
And the result is an interview we are very proud of.

Almost all the emblematic photographs are there: Orda Cave and Blue Lake, and of course “Princess of Whales” with beluga whales and Natalie Avseenko.

We also took the opportunity to mention and thank our cponsors: Nikon, Subal and Ikelite companies.

Natalie Avseenko became Freediving Instructor-Trainer SSI

Natalie Avseenko Freediving Instructor Trainer SSIOur congratulations to our team member, our heart and conscience, twice world champion in freediving Natalie Avseenko, who became Freediving Instructor Trainer SSI at 20 May 2013.

Great job, Natalie! We are so proud of you!

Note: 5000 or more freedive sessions have been done by her, as the card reads. Just imagine, what does it mean!

“Chasing the Light” Cover Story

Chasing the Light by Jesse BlackadderThis morning I’ve received a warm email from Jesse Blackadder, the author of a great novell “Chasing the Light”. It reads: “I’m the author of the book that features one of your exquisite photos on the cover. I’d really like to link to your website for more information about that shot. … I’m sure my readers will be fascinated – I’ve had so many great comments about the cover!”

Dear Jesse, that is a good question, I’ll tell you the story with pleasure. The woman on this photo is Natalie Avseenko, twice world champion in freediving.

These two women (Natalie’s and your heroine) were seperated with 80 years and resided on the opposite ends of the earth, but their stories seem to have similar features. These two women are very feminine and strong at the same time; I think, it was their inner integrity and fidelity to themselves made them who they are.

The shot had been captured by Viktor Lyagushkin in the White sea, behind the North Polar Circle, 2011.   In this project Natalie freedived naked with white whales. Swimming with belugas was her child dream, but why she was naked? Continue reading