Asian Diver #130, 1/2014

Mysteries of the White sea on pages of my favorite magazine – Asian Diver #130, 1/2014. Alien water scapes, secrets of nature we had met underwater in the piece by Bogdana Vashchenko White Sea Watch.

Stunning photography by Viktor Lyagushkin


Ocean Art Contest 2013

Ocean Art Competition 2013Yippee!! Best of Show in Ocean Art Contest 2013 won the photography of Lazurny Quarry by Viktor Lyagushkin!

We are so happy of this! Congratulations to Viktor, congratulations to all the winners and participants.

But this is not all the news!

We have also get 1st place in Cold Water category with photo of Lazurny quarry and our friend white whale Petrovich has brought us 4th place in the same category.

"Gods Are Looking At Us From The Sky" at Lazurny quarry

Whale Petrovich in NG Nordic

White Whale PetrovichThe amazing photo of white whale Petrovich by our photographer Viktor Lyagushkin, which won the Best Edit Award from National Geographic Headquarters, was so attractive, that it turned attention of another National Geographic regional magazine – Nordic.

Please meet Whale Petrovich in NG Nordic!

Whale Petrovich

Whale PetrovichDuring our expedition to White sea, where we did a surprising discovery, Viktor made a shot of a 20 year old white whale named Petrovich. The beluga basked in the spring sunshine and was happy about spring coming.

The photo of whale Petrovich became popular; image with some info on white whales was published in National Geographic Russia Magazine (June 2013) and won the Best Edit Award from the National Geographic Headquarters! Congrats Viktor!

“Chasing the Light” Cover Story

Chasing the Light by Jesse BlackadderThis morning I’ve received a warm email from Jesse Blackadder, the author of a great novell “Chasing the Light”. It reads: “I’m the author of the book that features one of your exquisite photos on the cover. I’d really like to link to your website for more information about that shot. … I’m sure my readers will be fascinated – I’ve had so many great comments about the cover!”

Dear Jesse, that is a good question, I’ll tell you the story with pleasure. The woman on this photo is Natalie Avseenko, twice world champion in freediving.

These two women (Natalie’s and your heroine) were seperated with 80 years and resided on the opposite ends of the earth, but their stories seem to have similar features. These two women are very feminine and strong at the same time; I think, it was their inner integrity and fidelity to themselves made them who they are.

The shot had been captured by Viktor Lyagushkin in the White sea, behind the North Polar Circle, 2011.   In this project Natalie freedived naked with white whales. Swimming with belugas was her child dream, but why she was naked? Continue reading

“On The Edge” Documentary Backstage

The story behind the scene is always very intriguing. So I want to tell you about the story of “On the Edge” documentary. We had strated our training at Lazurny quarry, our friends DivExpert home site. Visibility there is great all the year around, no fish, but surrealistic underwater landscape with green pine trees staying at the bottom.
Continue reading

Posters and Art Prints Are Available!

Dear friends!

Borders, bank systems and post services are not an issue for us anymore.
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